August 29, 2022
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PCGS Slab Lab - Tony Littlejohn

Tony Littlejohn is one of our favorite collertors, and dearest friends. It's an honor to share his insights into coin collecting. His Standing Liberty Quarter set is monumenmtal, and heres a peek into how he acomplished this goal. 


June 23, 2022
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Coinit - Grand Master Poobah

We are pleased to share this podcast featuring the Grand Master Poobah,  a passionate collector of classic commemoratives. We think you will enjoy. 


November 5, 2021
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PCGS Slab Lab - John Noel

Dive into Dr. John Noel’s stunning collection of Silver Commemorative Coins from 1892-1954, inclusive of all dates and mint mark specimens. The 144-piece set portrays Presidential commems, politicians, national monuments, statehood anniversaries, and more. Dr. Noel is the owner of the top ranked PCGS Registry Set for the 50-piece Type set, AND 144-piece collection, none rated higher! He makes the case for why collectors should embark on the rich history lessons of U.S. coins, and to not overlook wonderfully toned examples.

September 23, 2021
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Have You Heard???

Exciting News!!!

Sabel Rarities formerly has launched a new website!

As a preferred client you are getting a sneak peek at the site. This is still a work in progress as all our coins must be reimaged. For this reason, We will still be hosting the site as well. Please note that all coins may not be available while we are transitioning.

We are working hard to have all the coins combined onto as soon as possible. The new website incorporates the newest technology and will feature: Larger photos with higher resolution, provided by foremost coin photographer Todd Pollock at BluCC Photos Inquiry button for placing coins on hold (no shopping cart as what we sell is one of a kind) Mobile friendly upgrades including links to social media We are offering more coins than ever and taking advantage of technical advances…but as always, I am here to discuss your collecting goals and assist in any way I can! Regards, Bonnie Sabel We will see you at the following coin shows in 2021:

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